At HACO we offer to carry out NDT inspection of welds on products according to customers’ requirements. The test can be a visual test (VT) or a magnetic power test (MT), and we can provide quality and safety checks of welds, materials and deformations, as well as the best advice and recommendations.

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NDT refers to “non-destructive testing”, and is used, among other things, to detect and verify that all customer requirements are met. The development of NDT dates back many years ago when there was a need to control the quality of weld seams and material quality. NDT techniques are used to test quality and safety throughout the whole production cycle, from the first production to installation, to operation, and maintenance.

NDT conducted by own NDT inspectors and operators

We have our own NDT inspector (level II), who can perform VT and MT in accordance with EN9712. Our NDT inspectors are happy to help find the most suitable method that meets both customers’ requirements and our requirements.

HACO uses its machine operators to perform VT tests of machined areas. The operators undergo an annual eye test, which must be passed in order to perform these quality tests.

An external NDT inspector (level III) is also associated with the company, if the requirement needs a more in-depth examination, such as ultrasound, or if eye examinations or procedures for VT and MT tests are taking place.

HACO – proud quality and safety

If you have any questions about our welding processes, certifications or you wish to hear more about which NDT method we use then you are welcome to contact us.