HACO A/S has implemented enviromental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004, certified by Tüv Nord and has adopted the following envirometal policy.

"As a supplier to the Energisectore, with focus on Green Energy, it is the intention of HACO A/S's to minimize the enviromental impact caused by the productionprocess.

This is sought by continuous devolpment and optimizing of machinery, technology and productionmethods. plus;


  • that enviromental objectivs and targets continuous improvement and thereby minimizing of enviromental impact.
  • to ensure compliance with applicabel legal requirements and other requirements that HACO A/S is subject to.
  • that enviromental management is a factor to securing of the contiuous growth of HACO A/S
  • to strive for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. "